Uisge Beatha

232 Woodlands Road
Glasgow, G3 6ND
0141 564 1596
Uisge Beatha was a unique 'old-style' bar. Lots of huge tables, benches, comfortable seats and sofas plus two bars and a cosy fireplace. Usually quiet in the main bar area making it a good place to talk. Open noon - midnight every day (opens at 12:30pm on Sunday). Smaller top room (holds 40) and larger lower room (holds 100) are situated at either end of their two bars and are available to hire for functions. Catering can also be provided. Uisge Beatha (gaelic for 'water of life'), as the name suggests, has an excellent selection of more than 200 malt whiskys. Usige Beatha's was updated with a cream facade (circa June 2003). Operated a microbrewery in the premises next door between 1994 and 1996, however this was closed due to problems with planning permission.


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