15 Kent Road
Glasgow, G3 7EH
0141 248 8333
Originally the Kent Road West United Free Church (circa 1902). Reportedly condemned in 1914 it was reopened and became the New Kent Cinema in 1921, seating 910. That closed in 1931 and the building was converted into a garage.


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Alastair Barterover a year ago
Just checked out Panjea on Google and it turns out it's an Indian restaurant. So it shouldn't be on a Glasgow pub website when it's not a pub. Any comments on that?

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Neilover a year ago
Ah, the database has more than pubs in it (I was trying to make the history much more comprehensive, i.e. some bars were restaurants in the past before becoming bars again). This venue shouldn't appear in any lists/suggestions on the main site, and is just an example of the placeholder entry for the history page (so comments can be made etc) that Google has indexed at some point.

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